Does Online Advertising Work?

Does Online Advertising Work?
Advertising online can be a great way to boost your website or companies brand. Online advertising has been growing year after year and is expected to reach $40 billion more than TV advertising in 2018.

The most popular advertising platforms are easily facebook and google. Google has had a firm grasp on PPC advertising for many years thanks to their excellent search engine and popularity. Google adwords will allow you to target specific keywords and have your website placed above the search engine results. You can also place your PPC link on millions of websites via their Adsense program.

Adsense allows website publishers the opportunity to earn income by displaying adword ads on their website. What makes this great is the ADS are actually relevant to your website content. Long gone are the days of reading a blog post about pet dogs and being served annoying ring tone download ads.

Social media advertising has taken off over the last 10 years. Facebook advertising generated more than $40,653,000,000 in 2017 alone.  This is thanks to their advanced data, looking back at facebooks beginning its clear to see what mark zuckerburg had in mind. Facebook knows what you like, how old you are, your relationship status and thanks to their mobile app your location at all times. This gives advertisers never seen before targeting options allowing them to get most return for their money.

Facebook advertising has came under fire recently due to the American election and possibly other elections around the world. It's really opened the eyes to the general public who perhaps dont even think about advertising. To them facebook is just a place to check up on what their friends are doing and post their latest holiday pictures.

Youtube video advertising is another popular one from the big G. This platform is more aimed at large brands as you are not serving a regular text / image based AD. Youtube ADS can work well if they are kept short and interesting, we have all seen that annoying 30 second long video AD about some topic you have 0 interest in.

In conclusion online advertising indeed works however you do need money to get started. You will burn through cash trying to get the perfect CTR but once you have it you can start to reap the benefits of converting those visitors. For those new to online advertising I highly recommend doing some reading or even watching some youtube videos on the basics.

Like gambling do not go into online advertising with money you cannot afford to lose. One wrong targeting option could see your daily (or weekly!) budget eaten up in a few minutes with 0 conversions or clicks!
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