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So google have rolled out a number of updates over the last few months and I have to say It is really making me laugh how much these SEO types are losing their mind in my office.

Lots of misinformation and uncertainty "IS IT E-A-T?!" NO ITS THE SOCIAL SIGNALS! NO ITS THE ANCHOR RATIOS.

Its making me chuckle in the board meetings. "dont they have a million dollar a year budget to test for this stuff?" I think to myself.

Anyway, apart from these updates it seems google are also dropping their social media platform next year *shock* 

The Benefits Of Buying For Web Traffic

The Benefits Of Buying For Web Traffic
Momentum is a wonderful thing, particularly in the world of business. Once you are able to get your online business up to speed you will find that you become much more resilient and better able to force your way right on through any problems that arise. The only downside to momentum is that it has to be built up, there is no such thing as getting off to a running start in the world of online business, but if you are smart about how you go about generating your site's web traffic, you can certainly build up a head of speed a lot quicker than if you dally.

Traffic is of course vital to your site's success. You need people to buy your products, and in order for them to do that, they must first make their way to your website. This sounds simple enough, and it is if you go about things the right way. Unfortunately though, doing things the right way, straight away, is something that many website publishers fail to do and for no better reason than trying to save themselves a little money.

Now, saving money is no bad thing, generally speaking. Prudence will definitely help your website last in the world of online business, but only if it gets off to a decent start first. The simple fact of the matter is, if you want to get enough website visitors to your site to ensure that it hits the ground running, you are going to have to pay for them.

They are not saying that you will always need to dig your hand deep into your pockets if you want people to visit your website, there are of course several different ways in which you can both generate organic traffic from scratch and also encourage the visitors that you previously paid for to return to your site entirely under their own volition.

In particular, search engine optimization can be very effective at generating visitors for your website without you having to pay a single cent for them. Through a lot of hard work and discipline it is eminently possible for you to gain yourself a high enough results page ranking to see that your site gains it's fair share of visitors from the search engines.

 It cannot however, do so straight away. Search engine optimization takes time to take effect. Usually at least three months and that is being a little optimistic and what is more, your site will not begin with a high ranking spot, no matter how unique you think it's niche is or however ingenious it's chosen keywords are. Search engine optimization takes time and there is simply no legitimate way around this fact.

There are however, illegitimate ways to artificially bump your ranking, but these come at a great risk. Should you be caught out in utilizing such practices, or even so much as suspected of doing so, the search engines can elect to penalize your site very heavily. Google in particular are notorious for having a zero tolerance approach to this, which many people think is perhaps even a little too extreme, but their search engine equals their rules. Get caught, or even be suspected of breaking their rules and you will find building up momentum for your website via the search engines to be a very tall order indeed.

The key to getting your website off to a good start is to source your site's visitors using alternative methods. Now, you may well claim that this post is little bit biased here, but I really like the service at Traffic Masters and truly believe that the best and most effective way to ensure that your website gets the visitors that it needs to see that it gets off to the best possible start in it's very earliest days, is to buy traffic directly from them.


How To Improve Your Bounce Rate

How To Improve Your Bounce Rate
So you've set up your website, you've worked hard on getting the perfect looking theme, nice clean images and lots of nice useful widgets. So why are your visitors bouncing almost immediately?

This can be a wake up call to many new webmasters who have the mentality of "if you build it they will come". in order for your website to succeed you must think about what your visitors want and how you can give it to them in the fastest, cleanest, easiest possible way.

I will go over a few basic ways of improving your site and hopefully making sure your visitors stick around to read your content or buy what your selling ;)

Have you checked your websites layout on all possible devices and browsers? Your site may look great on your laptop screen but do you know what it looks like on a brand new iphone? How about an older tablet or a large 4k desktop screen? You can test your website on 100s of different devices by using the browser stack website

Speed Test
It's 2018 and no one has time to wait for your website to load, its much easier to hit that back button and visit your competitor. Most web visitors dont even remember the days of a dial up modem and waiting a few minutes for yahoo news to load up. Using the excellent website will let you see exactly what loads and in what order. You can then use a plugin like W3total cache to start to combine and minimize your content to serve it as fast as possible. Google will also take into consideration your site speed time, slower load times means a lower search engine position!


I know It's hard to take criticism, especially after you've spent countless hours tweaking your websites theme and layout but what do your visitors think? By installing a small script in your themes header you can actually track what visitors are doing on your page. You can see where they scroll, what they click all recorded in a nice video. are the leading experts in this field (you'll find many major brands running this already) I would recommend letting this run for a week and watching the clips to see where visitors are going. Adjust your menu / widgets / content accordingly. This can be a great help for people who are running banner advertising or need to know why people arnt hitting that call to action button!

These 3 small changes can drastically improve most websites. Its very easily to overlook tweaking your site to improve on page time and its worth doing every 6 months or so to make sure your site is evolving with peoples tastes.

Why Buying Traffic that Converts is Beneficial?

Why Buying Traffic that Converts is Beneficial?
Maybe you value your business so much, and rightly so - if you feel this way about it, there is no doubt that you want to find ways to make it grow as time goes on. You might know that today, this is something that can be somewhat tough and difficult and challenging, as there is so much competition all around you, so many other companies fighting with you for the attention of consumers. You will be happy to know that you can find ways to gain more success - you can, for instance, find a good source that offers you with the chance to buy traffic that converts. One who buys such traffic for his or her website from the best source that offers it, then, can be sure that he or she will be able to gain so many benefits.  If you want to know more about buying traffic that converts, click the link.

The first thing that people will be able to benefit when they buy traffic that converts is the advantage of being able to catch the attention of more consumers. There are a lot of people online, but also there are so many different websites there, and business owners need to find a way to direct their attention to their own website. It is a good thing to know that there is a way to do this, and it is through buying traffic for these sites.

Buying traffic for your website is also something that is a very good step to take, as when you take it, you can be sure that you do not need to spend a great deal of money on it. One might not have a huge budget when it comes to marketing and advertising, and this might mean that he or she cannot afford the more expensive ones. One will be happy to know that on the other hand, traffic that is bought online is very affordable, and what is more amazing, it promises returns like never experienced before. Learn more about this link

One who is able to find a good source of traffic for his or her website will also be glad to know that he or she can find a plan that is perfect for his or her own needs. What is more, they can be certain that if ever they have any kind of question or concern, personnel will always be ready to help them. Determine the best information about marketing

If one decides to find a good source of traffic that can be bought for his or her own website, then, one can be sure to enjoy a lot of benefits.

Does Online Advertising Work?

Does Online Advertising Work?
Advertising online can be a great way to boost your website or companies brand. Online advertising has been growing year after year and is expected to reach $40 billion more than TV advertising in 2018.

The most popular advertising platforms are easily facebook and google. Google has had a firm grasp on PPC advertising for many years thanks to their excellent search engine and popularity. Google adwords will allow you to target specific keywords and have your website placed above the search engine results. You can also place your PPC link on millions of websites via their Adsense program.

Adsense allows website publishers the opportunity to earn income by displaying adword ads on their website. What makes this great is the ADS are actually relevant to your website content. Long gone are the days of reading a blog post about pet dogs and being served annoying ring tone download ads.

Social media advertising has taken off over the last 10 years. Facebook advertising generated more than $40,653,000,000 in 2017 alone.  This is thanks to their advanced data, looking back at facebooks beginning its clear to see what mark zuckerburg had in mind. Facebook knows what you like, how old you are, your relationship status and thanks to their mobile app your location at all times. This gives advertisers never seen before targeting options allowing them to get most return for their money.

Facebook advertising has came under fire recently due to the American election and possibly other elections around the world. It's really opened the eyes to the general public who perhaps dont even think about advertising. To them facebook is just a place to check up on what their friends are doing and post their latest holiday pictures.

Youtube video advertising is another popular one from the big G. This platform is more aimed at large brands as you are not serving a regular text / image based AD. Youtube ADS can work well if they are kept short and interesting, we have all seen that annoying 30 second long video AD about some topic you have 0 interest in.

In conclusion online advertising indeed works however you do need money to get started. You will burn through cash trying to get the perfect CTR but once you have it you can start to reap the benefits of converting those visitors. For those new to online advertising I highly recommend doing some reading or even watching some youtube videos on the basics.

Like gambling do not go into online advertising with money you cannot afford to lose. One wrong targeting option could see your daily (or weekly!) budget eaten up in a few minutes with 0 conversions or clicks!

The Importance That You Will Incur Because of Buying Targeted Traffic That Converts

The Importance That You Will Incur Because of Buying Targeted Traffic That Converts
The benefits of having a good website in your business cannot be exhausted.  Anytime you invest in a good business website then you will end up with successful online marketing.  You need to keep maintain your website so that you can improve your SEO services.  However, there are areas where you have a good website and many viewers but who do not buy from your business.  

This is the main reason as to why you need to invest in adult traffics that converts visitors to your customers.  The principle behind the targeted traffic that converts is that you will have real visitors who in turn will end up in subscribing to your business.  The core reason as to why you do online marketing is to transform the viewers to be your followers.  Below are some of the importance that you will incur because of buying targeted traffic that converts.

The first reason as to why you need to consider buying adult traffic for your business website is to increase brand awareness.  It is clear that visitors will visit the internet and inquire something and different sites will be presented but when the visitor does not end up with what he was looking for then he leaves that website.   With the targeted traffic that converts, you will be assisted in increasing your SEO services and you will have the best quality content that viewers are looking for in your website.  This will make the viewers subscribe to your website thus creating brand awareness.

Boosting of our SEO services marks the other benefit that you will enjoy because of buying cheap traffics from traffic masters. The good thing about buying mobile traffics from reputable traffic masters is that your SEO services will be enhanced. The reason as to why you see some websites appearing more is due to having more rankings by the search engines. When you have, many viewers directed to your website then you will end up with more sales of good and services and hence your business will be able to compete.  The best information about here is available when you click the link.

Profit maximization marks the other advantage that you will enjoy when you buy targeted traffics that convert for your website. When your website will have a high ranking by the search engines then you will end up with more visitors.  Due to a higher number of visitors of your site then you will have a higher number of customers translating to higher volumes of sale. If you happen to make more sales then you will have a good profit. Pick out the most interesting info about  marketing

Factors to Evaluate when You think of Buying Targeted Traffic that Converts

Factors to Evaluate when You think of Buying Targeted Traffic that Converts
For everyone or any business that own a website, it is their wish to have a high web traffic.  The number of people who visit your website dictates whether your website will remain relevant and will be accessible through search engines when people look for anything concerning your website.  Having a lot of visitors on your website will ensure that your website is visible to more other people. You can increase your web traffic by buying targeted web traffic that converts. By buying targeted web traffic that converts you will be able to increase your web traffic. The aspects necessary when buying web traffic that converts is therefore discussed below.  

The first thing that you need to evaluate when you need good web traffic is the company that you buy from.  You need to look for the best company in terms of the number of web traffic that a company will be able to sell to you. The company needs to have a large number of web traffic for it to have the ability to target the target the web traffic to your website.  You do not want a situation where you will pay for the web traffic then you will not have your website still remain irrelevant. .

You need also to need to buy web traffic from a company that will offer you different options.  You may require targeting your website to a given group of people or the type of web traffic that you require needs to be defined then you need to ensure that you buy targeted traffic that converts from a company that will ensure you have these options.  When you buy mobile traffic you will make sure that you target mobile phone users. With this, you can define the geographical location of your target and the type of mobile OS that the mobile devices you target will be using.  The adult traffic will ensure that you target the adults. This will ensure that the only web traffic directed to you are the adults.  The highly targeted traffic is enabled by the pop-under ads and this enables you to target a given group of people at a given location and this can be accessed by both computer and mobile users.

The other element that you need to evaluate is the price that a given company that provides targeted traffic that converts offers for the web traffic. Some companies may charge much while there are those that are fair.  When a company offers different options to you to choose from, then you can decide on the price that you have by getting the option that suits you and your budget.Pick out the most interesting info about  marketing

Great Advantages of Purchasing A Get a Targeted Traffic that Converts

Great Advantages of Purchasing A Get a Targeted Traffic that Converts
A website is successful if it has high traffic.You can create or break your online business as a result of web traffic in your organization.Internet marketers are aware that there can be increased sales if their website has a firm base of regular users.Additionally, advertisers can be willing to place their advertisements on your website which implies extra earnings for you.Besides, after having regular visitors to your website and increasing incoming traffic, you create your online presence in large platforms.Therefore, your online business can be noticed worldwide by improving trafficking.When you decide to get targeted traffic that converts , you acquire the following benefits.

Search engines start to rank your website high once you purchase web traffic.As a result, more traffic is generated.Therefore, it is important for you to submit your website to search engines.Search Engines are successful on websites that have many visitors.Therefore, once web crawlers detect a web page that has many users, that particular website can be most likely be placed on the top by search engines. Be excited to our most important info about popunder.

Once you buy web traffic, you get targeted traffic.There are two types of traffic, targeted traffic and traffic.Targeted traffic occurs when someone visits your website since he or she is interested the products or services you offer and also by the content of the website.This implies that the visitor accessed your site for a specific reason.

Another reason why you need to buy web traffic that converts is that the advertisements placed on your website increase your sales.Advertisers are charged for placing ads on a popular website.These websites have high page ranking.With The initiation of pay-per-click advertising, owners of websites, have realized that bringing a constant flow of funds is possible just by placing these advertisements on their websites.After the number of visitors in your website increases, advertisers will begin to place relevant ads on your site that are guaranteed to bring in cash. Learn the most important lesson about buying adult traffic.

If you are still not sure if buying web traffic is a good idea, you may need to first think of purchasing a web traffic package that comes with a particular amount of hits.When you find an increase in the number of visitors to your website; then you must have made the right decision.

Web traffic should be purchased even as you try to build your website's reputation Only relevant content should be posted on your website after having traffic on your website even as you consider the benefits of using appropriate keywords.There can be high traffic on your website if only you do the right thing.Therefore, Consider buying web traffic to acquire the above benefits. Pick out the most interesting info about  marketing ​​​​
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